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A Dog's Day Out...

Why We Do It

Put simply we love dogs. Luca, pictured below, is the boss and he also love dogs! At Luca's Doggy Daycare we truly believe that dogs thrive and lead fulfilled lives when they are able to socialise and exercise during the day. Dogs are naturally pack animals and they enjoy the company of other dogs in the great outdoors.

As a fellow dog owner, we know that giving our dogs the chance to do this comes with risk. Letting dogs off in public parks that are not enclosed or meeting unfamiliar dogs whilst out and about can be daunting at times.

Hence why we created Luca's Doggy Daycare. We believe in giving owners peace of mind that their dog can meet other friendly dogs, run around to their hearts content and be looked after by people who simply love dogs whilst their regular parents are at work or out for the day.

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